Disrupting the Mirror Street with .. mirrors.

Year: 2016

Place: Reflex Gallery, Cluj-Napoca

Materials: Mirrors, wood

Dimensions: 2 pannels of 2.4 x 2.4 m

Context: Project developed during the first edition of Com’ON Cluj-Napoca, financed by the Municipality and the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.

Keywords: Mirror, street, reflection, symmetry, disruption.


Generally, streets are perceived just as a means to an end, specifically the end of our destination. Lacking anything unusual to trip over on our path, we all automatically navigate the sidewalks on regular routes according to a built-in mental map, oblivious or disinterested towards anything that is even slightly out of our line of sight. 'Mirror Street' installation aims to break the rhythm of the mundane landscape of the city. The location is not random, but specifically on a street that is colloquially known as 'the mirror street' because of the symmetrical buildings. They were built in 1898 in an ornate eclectic style following an architectural program established in Paris, but they go rather unnoticed by passersby. The project consists of 10.000 differently angled mirrors placed in the large street-level windows which decompose and accentuate the architectural details and embellishments by bringing them to the attention of the viewers. There is a direct and straightforward goal to this installation, namely to signal this unique location and convey its meaning forth to the unassuming locals.


Based on a participatory budgeting process targeted on young people, the selected projects went through an online voting campaign. As the project managers that could submit initiatives varied from small informal groups up to NGOs and broader structures, the voting phase proved to be quite a challenge.


Helping hands - Paul Moldovan. Online - Amazing support from lots of friends and their friends. Framework and paperwork: Com'ON Cluj-Napoca team and Fundația Comunitară Cluj. Text: Voica Pușcașiu.