Strange geometry is revealed in darkness, just to disappear when the Sun rays touch this hidden place.

Year: 2017

Place: Bonțida Bánffy Castle, hideout

Materials: Acrylic glass, silver tinned reflective film, neon lights

Dimensions: 3 cubes with 1m sides

Context: Electric Castle Arts, during the 5th edition of the festival. Project developed with the support of Electric Castle Festival.

Keywords: Light, electricity, transformation, nature, geometry, illusion.


In a clearing in among the trees, strangely artificial geometries are revealed that transform this natural hideout. Technically speaking, the three cubes placed askew on their black pedestals, are built from false mirrors that seem to divulge an electrified internal structure, complex and spectacular. Day reveals, night conceals… but things change when you overcast electricity around a castle, which is the starting point and, ultimately, the context of the installation. During the night, the castle grounds, as well as the installation, are all aglow, the cubes seem to float midair, each with its own color, but all in the same tone. The patterns that are encased in them appear as repetitive rhombus modules made out of neon lights. But beyond that, they create a meditative, techno-magical space by offering a quiet but still electric retreat from the buzz of the festival. The installation relies on the concept of transition on multiple levels: it functions as an in-between the natural and the technological dimensions, but it also marks the passing through the various moments of the day as its very “light”-ness fluctuates according to external luminosity conditions.


To transform a sylvan hideout into a gallery with Dan Flavin-like / minimalism influences artworks and have a music festival public to discover this place with the right mindset.


Helping hands - Paul Moldovan, EC team and volunteers. Photo: Pavel Curagău. Text refinement: Voica Pușcașiu.